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Welcome to Reclaimed Earth

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

Reclaimed Earth was born of pure passion and love for wildlife and our planet. Founder, Yvette H. Ayala, Esq., is an Intellectual Property attorney in Miami, Florida, and founded Reclaimed Earth, Inc., in May of 2018. She had spent much of the previous year researching and learning about the plight of endangered animals and many of the efforts to protect and/or repopulate them, when she decided she needed to see it first hand. Yvette journeyed to South Africa where she spent just a couple days shy of a month traveling the frontlines of the poaching war. She spent time at Kruger National Park and volunteered at the Mun-Ya-Wana Conservancy meeting researchers, key reserve staff and rangers, learning various aspects as well as noting differences between government and private reserves, all attempting to forward conservation of threatened species. Yvette also thought it was important to meet with the operators and leadership of various organizations that were and continue to be in need of support, among those, Hoedspruit Endangered Species Center and Zululand Rhino Orphanage. Yvette toured facilities and learned about the projects and operations of each, when a couple things became clear:

  1. Information, more importantly, accurate information is not readily available to non-scientist/lay people in the US.

  2. The organizations and people with boots on the ground, fighting day after day for these species, need all the help they can get, and

  3. She would be and needed to be a catalyst and a bridge between the needs of threatened species and those with the means to support their survival.

As a result, Reclaimed Earth was born.

Reclaimed Earth. is dedicated to the conservation of endangered wildlife through public education, outreach, and fundraising. We aim to provide medical care, protection, and facilitate repopulation efforts needed by critically endangered animals, in order to prevent their extinction. Our goal is to be a ray of hope that sparks a proactive movement for endangered species in their fight for survival. Thank you for your interest in us and our efforts. Together we can reclaim our earth for all its living inhabitants.

To learn more about the cause and how you can help, visit our page.  

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