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Australia is Burning

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

by Nathalie Maltez

Australia is not estranged to bushfire management. Residents throughout the continent understand its need and contribution for a healthy ecosystem that rejuvenates the land. Every year, the continent cycles through severe summers and extreme heat that cause a natural season of fire.

Today, the continent has been plagued with wild bush fires are being described as “apocalyptic”. It is in the midst of the worst documented bushfires ever recorded.

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

Australia is burning and this is the reality:

· Experts estimate over 1 billion animals have perished.

· 24 people have lost their lives.

· Several are feared missing.

· Over 1,400 homes have been destroyed.

· More than 100 people have been arrested for alleged arson crimes since the bushfires began.

· The effects these fires will have on the environment will last for years to come.

· Climate change is real. Australia experienced its hottest year on record in 2019, climbing 1.5 degrees Celsius higher than the average, according to a report by the Bureau of Meteorology. Rising temperatures increase the risk of bushfire and climate change explains the unprecedented nature of the current crisis.

· It all starts with us and how what we do every day impacts the world we live in.

How You Can Help Evacuees, First Responders, Wildlife

Credit: CBS News


· Donate to the Australian Red Cross, which is supporting thousands of people in evacuation and recovery centers across the country. Local residents can volunteer their services.

· Donate to the Salvation Army Australia, which is providing meals and support to evacuees and first responders in multiple locations.

· Donate to the St. Vincent de Paul Society, which is helping evacuated families recover. The organization is providing food and clothing, helping cover bills, and donating household items to those whose homes have been destroyed.

· Donate food, funds or services to Foodbank, the largest hunger-relief charity in Australia.

· Donate food, toiletries and household items using Givit.


· Donate to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service. The service has set up specific funds for the families of volunteer firefighters who have been killed while on duty this fire season.

· Additionally, actor and comedian Celeste Barber is also hosting a fundraiser for the Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service and Brigades donations fund.

· Donate to Victoria's firefighting service, Country Fire Authority. The service is also managing locals who want to provide accommodation for people who have been displaced.

· The Country Fire Service in South Australia is taking direct donations.

· Donate to the Rural Fire Brigades Association to support firefighters in Queensland.


· Donate to WIRES, a wildlife rescue nonprofit that is rescuing and caring for thousands of sick, injured and orphaned native animals.

· Donate to the World Wildlife Fund Australia, which is directing its efforts towards koala conservation.

· Donate to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital's GoFundMe, which has rescued and treated dozens of koalas suffering from severe burns. The hospital is using donations to install automatic drinking stations in burnt areas to help wildlife searching for water and to establish a wild koala breeding program to ensure the survival of the species.

· Donate to the RSPCA New South Wales, which is helping evacuate, rescue and treat pets and wildlife in threatened areas.

Do Your Part to Reclaim our Earth

Climate change affects wildlife and humans alike. Think globally, but act locally.

· Vote for officials that take measures toward a more sustainable life and protect the rights of wildlife

· Reduce emissions

· Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

· Take action to save wildlife

· Act against forest loss

· Mindful consumption

Reclaimed Earth has not made an independent evaluation of any of the organizations above. Please make your own assessment before making a donation to any charitable organization.

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